I am so happy to see that schools in the States are finally banning soda, french fries, candy, and other junk foods from its cafeterias.  It still amazes me how measures are not taken until it’s almost too late.  Breakfast and lunch served in schools should be nutritious.  There is no excuse.  Nutrition goes hand in hand with mental and physical well-being.  Childhood obesity is the cause of much disease and unhealthy behavior going all the way into adulthood.

a soap of coffe..

…haven´t tried it out, though it would be fun : ) Is there a shampoo as well? : )

Daydreaming of a Villa in Cannes

Sitting here at the office with rain slashing down outside, it’s easy to dream away of the sunny and luxurious French Riviera. Would never mind spending a luxury holiday in Cannes, especially right now!

Not sure when the film festival takes place, but It would be nice combining it with a real nice and relaxing stay, renting a luxury villa in the French Riviera. That’d be the perfect vacation for me!

Barca did it again..

Barcelona FC won their third Champions League…Not a big fan of football myself, but friends are all excited today, with mixed emotions.


My first cup of coffee today

Finally, the coffee is ready (had to buy a new filter to the coffee machine). Coffee didn’t use to be my cup of tea, but since joining the hordes of coffee addicts at work, I’m stuck : )


Welcome to Big Place for You!

This will be a blog all about homes and houses!